Welcome to YRP!

A place where companies and institutions in the traditional information and communications field and those entering new fields can meet.

YRP was established on a hilly site adjacent to the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation’s research laboratory in the suburbs of Yokosuka City, and has developed as a research and development center in the field of information and communications, focusing on wireless technology due to its topographical features.  In recent years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of business offices and research institutes in new industrial fields, and expectations are growing for the center to serve as a “place to create new value” where collaboration and cooperation between ICT x new fields or new industries x new industries are expected.. 

In recent years, new industries such as industrial plastic products, industrial and medical gases, filters, and semiconductors, etc. have been concentrated in the area,
in addition to ICT..

Four parties cooperate to support the development of YRP and the business activities of all YRP members.

Enabling new business activities, business creation,
and human resource development