2011年5月18日、YRPセンター1番館2階会議室1にて、米国FCCにおいて各種無線技術基準の制定、周波数開発に携わり、FCCのシニアテクニカルアドバイザーとして活躍されましたDr.MichaelMarcus氏(現 Marcus SpectrumSolutionsLLC)に最新の米国における通信政策、特に2010年3月にFCCから提出された米国国家ブロードバンド計画によるTV放送及びGPSシステムへの影響についてご講演をいただきました。 講演会には通信事業者、通信・家電機器メーカー、自動車メーカーのIT部門、アンテナメーカー、研究機関等から22名の方々が参加者れ、活発な意見交換が行われました。


Speech abstract
* The March 2010 US National Broadband Plan was prepared by FCC as the direction of Congress. It is the broadest plan FCC has ever created and deals with both wireless technologies as well as fiber and wired systems. This talk will review the plan as well as two very controversial wireless issues:

1) the evolution of over-the-air TV broadcasting in an age where there are technical alternatives using higher bands and others using no spectrum and 2) the possible use of Mobile Satellite Service spectrum adjacent to present GPS allocations for terrestrial communications and the impact of such use on various types of GPS receivers.

About Speaker - Dr. Michael Marcus  

Michael Marcus is a native of Boston and received S.B. and Sc.D. degrees in electrical engineering from MIT. Prior to joining the FCC in 1979, he worked at Bell Labs on the theory of telephone switching, served in the Air Force where he was involved in underground nuclear test detection research, and analyzed electronic warfare issues at the Institute for Defense Analyses.


At FCC his work focused on proposing and developing policies for cutting edge radio technologies such as spread spectrum/CDMA and millimeterwaves. Wi-Fi is one outcome of his early leadership. He also participated in complex spectrum sharing policy formulation involving rulemakings such as ultrawideband and MVDDS. Awarded a Mike Mansfield Fellowship in 1997, he studied the Japanese language and spent a year in Japan as a trainee at MPT, ARIB, Telec, and the office of Diet member Naokazu TAKEMOTO.

He retired from FCC in March 2004 after servicing a senior technical advisor to the Spectrum Policy Task Force and codirecting the preparation of the FCC's cognitive radio rulemaking. Immediately after retirement he lived in Paris France for 3 years, consulting for US and European clients. In 2006 he was appointed Special Advisor to Mrs. Viviane Reding,European Commissioner for Information Society & Media.

He is now Director of Marcus Spectrum Solutions LLC, an independent consulting firm based in the Washington DC area and focusing on wireless technology and policy. He is also Adjunct Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. Recognized as a Fellow of the IEEE for leadership in the development of spectrum management policies and he also received IEEE-USA's first Electrotechnology Transfer Award (1994) "For his pioneering work in the conception, drafting, and enactment of the Federal regulations that legalized commercial spread spectrum radio under FCC Part 15, the rules governing unlicensed devices; thus spawning a multimillion dollar, worldwide, wireless industry. "

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