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About Us

1. Objective

Research efforts at Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) have resulted in the development of Wireless Smart Utility Network (Wi-SUN) technologies and related application technologies. The objective of the WSN Promotion Committee is to strengthen the ICT industry and contribute to the promotion of international R&D collaborations and social ICT by encouraging the usage and further spread of Wi-SUN technologies and facilitating business development that seeks to utilize these technologies.

2. Activities

  1. In collaboration with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), engage in examination and consideration in the following areas, and implement support activities for business development based on these considerations: solutions for challenges regarding the use and commercialization of such technologies as Wi-SUN technologies, sensor network technologies and big data utilization technologies; strategies for international deployment of these technologies; and efforts to create a business hub at YRP.
  2. As part of the abovementioned activities, in cooperation with member companies that have detailed knowledge of Wi-SUN technologies, work to develop support functions that will help member companies in their business development.
  3. Utilize NICT’s Wi-SUN related facilities in carrying out the abovementioned activities.

3. Date of Establishment

9 May 2014


1. We will promote the use of wireless sensor network.

  1. We will promote the use of the international standard Wi-SUN developed by NICT among the wireless methods indispensable for the sensor network of the IoT system.
  2. Recently, based on a comparison with the topic LPWA method, analyze it in a user-friendly manner in an easy-to-understand manner.

2. Promote interconnection environment of wireless sensor network.

  1. We will construct an ecosystem that enables horizontal division of labor by multi-vendor interconnection.
  2. We will build an ecosystem the view point of the wireless sensor network in cooperation with each group related to the IoT system which is required for that purpose.
  3. We will establish I/F linkage and certification system for interoperability

3. IoT human resource development, IoT teaching material guidelines will be constructed.

Promote activities to promote human resources development necessary at the global level on IoT system, wireless sensor network including Wi-SUN.

4. We will expand public relations activities widely through seminars and event activities.

Promote wireless sensor network dissemination activities in IoT system by various seminars and event activities while working with each affiliate group on a global level.