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◆Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do you handle the reports?

A Basically, all the reports will be treated within BWF as those reports may include many descriptions on R&D activities of the member companies and organizations.

Q Does BWF organize any event or symposium?

A BWF plans and organizes events and symposia quite actively. Sometimes BWF cooperate on events or symposia of related bodies or research societies. Secretariat will announce on each event or symposium associated with BWF.

Q Where is the meeting venue?

A Meetings are mostly held in Tokyo. The meeting room differs depending on the meeting, and the venue information will be included in the invitation of the meetings sent to the members.

Q How can we participate in the Subcommittees?

A You can apply for the participation anytime.
Please contact BWF secretariat. ( *Change “_atmark_” to @ )

Q What is the role of Planning and Strategy Group?

A The Group was established to plan and implement concrete activities of BWF and is composed of companies and organizations participating in Subcommittees and Working Groups. Currently,together with the Working Groups established underneath the Subcommittee, the Group takes the leading role of the activities of BWF.

Q What is the role of Steering Committee?

A A. Steering Committee is composed of companies and organizations participating in BWF and decides important matters concerning administration of the Forum.

Q How much is the participation fee?

A Participation fee for BWF is free of charge. (Annual Fee for YRP R&D Promotion Committee needs to be paid.)

Q What is the qualification to participate in the Forum?

A Basic qualification is to have a membership of allow YRP R&D Promotion Committee.

Q What is BWF?

A BWF is the abbreviation for Broadband Wireless Forum. It is composed of ICT related companies, organizations, and persons with relevant knowledge and experience. BWF aims at contributing to sound advancement of new radio systems and services using new radio communication technologies by conducting R&D, investigation, information collection, liaison and coordination with related organizations, and dissemination activities, etc. It was established in July 2009.