YRP R&D Promotion Committee

YRP R&D Promotion Committee
1st Floor, YRP Center No.1 Bldg., 3-4 Hikarinooka, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 239-0847, Japan
Aims of Establishment
YRP R&D Promotion Association has been promoting various projects related to research and development in Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) as a non-profit voluntary organization since its predecessor was established in 1987, with the aim of contributing to the development of information and communication technology. In order to further enrich and develop our
activities and to expand them in various fields, we have become a general incorporated
association (established in December 2020).
  1. Drawing up of comprehensive policies on R&D and formulation of specific project plan to make YRP an attractive R&D center for participating organizations
  2. Provision of a suitable environment for radio transmission experiments
  3. Development of partnership and coordination with related organizations at home and abroad in proceeding with R&D projects in YRP
  4. Invitation of industrial corporations to participate in YRP and activation of public relations, etc. to promote YRP Initiative
  5. Collaboration and coordination with the advancing institutions based on the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Yokosuka Research Park Infrastructure Development Project and the Yokosuka Research Park Implementation Plan.
  6. Other projects required to achieve the aims of the Committee
  7. Activities associated with the above items
Member List
YRP R&D Promotion Committee acts as the secretariat for following forums and committees
How to join

Any company or organization can gain membership of YRP R&D Promotion Committee in principle if the company or organization agrees with the aims of the Committee.

(*) YRP R&D Promotion Committee was established on 28th March 2002 through the merger of Yokosuka Research Park R&D Committee (established in 1997) and Yokosuka Research Park Promotion Society (established in 1991).