Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) is an R&D cluster for ICT specially focused on radio and communications technologies opened in October 1997 in the southern suburban area of Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Being easily accessible from Tokyo, the area is surrounded by beautiful nature of Miura Peninsular providing quiet environment suitable for R&D, and wide ranges of R&D activities are conducted by national and private research institutes and companies gathering here.

To support those activities, various R&D facilities and test environments (testbeds) are provided in YRP, and Forums and Committees offer opportunities to discuss about new technologies and its application. Events are held regularly to promote domestic and international exchange as well as industry-academia-government collaboration, and training courses for human resource development are also provided all through the year.

Location 6 km south from the center of Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Area 58.8 hectares (approx. 1.7 km east-west, 0.7 km north-south)
Transportation 80 minutes from Tokyo by train or car
*Nearest Train station: YRP Nobi station, Keikyu Line
*Nearest Interchange: Sahara Interchange, Yokohama-Yokosuka Road
Companies & University Labs 65 companies and organizations as of Apr. 2021
Promoters Yokosuka Telecom Research Park Inc.
YRP R&D Promotion Committee (Approx. 130 members)
Keikyu Corporation
Yokosuka City
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Activities in YRP

1. Research and Development

- R&D of wireless technologies such as mobile communications, satellite communications, and optical wireless communications

- R&D of frequency resources to develop technologies for the efficient use of currently utilized frequencies and exploitation of unutilized frequencies

- R&D to promote the standardization of technical standards, terminals, and communication systems concerning radio and telecommunications, etc.

2. Provision of R&D facilities and equipment

- Installation of R&D facilities and equipment for joint use of YRP participants.

3. Promotion of Research Exchange and Collaboration

- Planning and running of various events, e.g., workshops, seminars, exhibitions, etc. to promote international research collaboration and information exchange among researchers of industry, academia, and government.

4. Human Resource Development

- Provision of training courses to nurture and develop skills of researchers and engineers

- APT training course

- Doctorate courses for adults provided by university laboratories in Yokosuka Center for Industrial, Academic, and Governmental Exchange, operated by Yokosuka City

5. Daily Support

- Provision of restaurant, shops, and hotels to support daily life