Moving into YRP

Information about Tenant Buildings in YRP

There are tenant buildings in YRP; YRP Center No.1 Bldg., YRP Center No.2 Bldg., YRP Venture Bldg., and YRP No. 5 Bldg. Followings are the contact information for each building if you are interested in having an office or a laboratory in one of these buildings.

Building Name Contact Point E-mail
YRP Center No.1 Bldg. Yokosuka Telecom Research Park, Inc.
General Affairs Department
info *
(Please change * to @)
YRP Center No.2 Bldg.
Venture Bldg.
YRP No.5 bldg.
Keikyu Corporation Development and
Administration of Facilities Headquarters

Special treatments by local government for the companies moving into YRP

YRP is designated as the “Target Area for Regional Industry Project” by Kanagawa Prefecture and as “Designated Industry Region” by Yokosuka City. There are various special treatments prepared by these local governments for the companies moving into YRP.

Support system for those who starting new business in Yokosuka City

Yokosuka City Homepage: “Let’s start a business.”
Introducing various support systems for those who starting new business in Yokosuka City:
(Only in Japanese)

Loan and special tax treatment applied to the companies moving into YRP

Special treatment for the companies building new offices in Kanagawa Prefecture

System to promote the establishment of new company buildings and offices in Yokosuka City in Japanese)