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Cooperation with Kyoto Research Park (KRP) to Expand Creation of New Industries

On February 24th, 2000 we entered into a cooperative relationship with Kyoto Research Park (KRP) (Located in Kyoto. President, Toru Nomura) which supports the growth of venture companies in order to increase the creation of new industries in the telecommunications field.

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KRP was founded in 1987 as a private urban "incubator" and currently includes approximately 130 companies and organizations, most of which work in the fields of telecommunications or multimedia digital contents. KRP also serves as an important focal point for industry-academia exchange in western Japan and has carried out many activities in this field such as the founding of Kansai TLO Inc. KRP continues to serve as a focal point for the creation of new industries.

For the further development of the telecommunications industry, it will be necessary to provide an environment like Silicon Valley where major corporations and venture companies can easily form strategic partnerships. This partnership between KRP, which is recognized as a leader in venture company creation in Japan and YRP, which includes powerful companies and research institutions known worldwide in the telecommunications industry, will prove to be complementary and effective in giving impetus to the creation of new industries and new technologies due to the partners' respective strengths. In addition, through the combination of the extensive domestic and foreign networks of YRP and KRP, it is expected that they will strengthen their position as a global-scale information provider in the telecommunications industry.

One of the first areas of cooperation is the exchange of information and personnel through the joint sponsorship of various seminars and events. The next step is to act as a catalyst for industry-academia exchange and as a bridge between companies assisting with strategic partnerships so as to take an active role in the creation of new technologies and new industries.

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