The 21st General Assembly of YRP R&D Promotion Committee

On 7th June 2017, the 21st General Assembly of YRP R&D Promotion Committee
was held at YRP Hall in YRP Center No.1 Building.

 Following the opening remarks of Mr. Akio Motai, President of YRP R&D Promotion Committee, the guests, Mr. Yuto Yoshida, Mayor of the Yokosuka City, and Mr. Hiroyuki Takeda, Director-General for Policy Coordination, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, gave speeches. Afterwards, the Activity Report and the Statement of Account for the FY2016, "The 5th Term Vision for Next 5 Years," and Activity Plan and Budget for the FY2017 had been proposed and approved.
There was no change in the Executive Members this time.

The 21st General Assembly

photo-motai photo-yoshida photo-takeda
Mr. Akio Motai, President
YRP R&D Promotion Committee
Mr. Yuto Yoshida
Mayor of the Yokosuka City
Mr. Toshiyuki Takei, Director-General
for Policy Coordination, MIC