Asia-Pacific Broadband Fourum 2009(AP-WBF e09)

Asia-Pacific Seminar on Next Generation Mobile Communications 2009(AP-NeGeMo e09)

In January 2009, YRP R&D Promotion Committee held "Asian Pacific wireless broadband forum (AP-WBF= Asia-Pacific Wireless Broadband Forum) 2009 )" in Thailand and Malaysia, and "Asian Pacific mobile communication workshop i AP-NeGeMo=Asia Pacific Seminar on Next Generation Mobile Communications j 2009) " in Vietnam by joint sponsorship with NICT( National Institute of Information and Communications Technology ).

AP-WBF^AP-NeGeMo workshops annually provide an interactive opportunity between local researchers in the Asia-Pacific region and YRP researchers on the next generation mobile communications technology for the better understanding with each other in expectation of pursuing cooperative research and development of communication systems for possible standardization.

The presentation was performed mutually between the researchers of a member company / the research organization of YRP other than Mr. IDE Shinji, Deputy Director, Land Mobile Communications Division Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(MIC) from Japan and local participants from the ICT related ministries and government offices, the research institutions, the university, and the company, and also an active opinion exchange was done among local participants.

The number of total participants of the each country local cooperation organization name and each country is as follows on this holding of the conference day.


AP-WBF 2009 Malaysia Program

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, Malaysia
Welcome speech

Welcome speech

Seminar Scene
Prof. Dr. Zaharin Yusoff, President of MMU
Mr. KADOWAKI Naoto, Director General,


Yokosuka Research Laboratories, NICT
Session 3 Chair, Dr. Subari, MMU
Medical ICT Demonstration

AP-NeGeMo 2009 Vietnam Programme

International Cooperation Dept. - PTIT, Vietnam

Welcome speech

Welcome speech

Keynote speech

Dr. HOANG Minh, President of PTIT

Mr. IKEGAWA Hiroshi, Vice President of NICT
Mr. IDE Shinji, Deputy Director, MIC

Seminar Scene
Q & A

AP-WBF 2009 Thai Programme

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), Thailand

Opening Remarks


Dr. Sakarindr BHUMIRATANA President of NSTDA
Dr. Shingo OHMORI , Vice President, NICT
Prof. Dr. Mitsutoshi HATORI
Chairman, YRP R&D Promotion Committee


Seminar Scene
Group photo

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