The 15th APT Training Course
“Actions for Next Generation Mobile Communications Systems”
November 26-December 4, 2014

YRP R&D Promotion Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Yokosuka Telecom Research Park Inc. co-hosted the 15th APT Training Course “Actions for Next Generation Mobile Communications Systems” from November 26 to December 4, 2014, in Tokyo, Kanagawa,
and YRP, under the auspices of the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB).


Opening Ceremony at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

This APT training course is provided by the Japan's special budgetary contribution to APT with an aim to contribute to the human resource development in Asian and Pacific countries. Since YRP R&D Promotion Committee participated in Asia-Pacific Telecommunity as an affiliate member in January 2000, YRP R&D Promotion Committee has been hosting this training course annually to contribute to the activities of APT.


This year, we welcomed 9 participants from communication authorities, telecom operators, and related research institution of 9 APT member countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Palau, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.


The training program consists of lectures and technical visits on policy, standardization activities, R&D trends, and technical aspects of next generation mobile communication systems in Japan. And, those lectures were given by the officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and eminent researchers of careers, venders, research institutes related to ARIB and YRP R&D Promotion Committee. In addition, country report presentation was programmed to share the information about trends and status of information communication technologies in trainees’ home countries.


Country Report Presentation at ARIB Trainee's presentation 


Lecture at MIC

 Courtesy visit to Yokosuka City

All trainees were very diligent and worked energetically to gain new knowledge. Many questions were given to the lecturers during and after the lectures and opinions were lively exchanged.


In the closing ceremony, there were comments from trainees that the contents of this training course were much more than what they had expected. They also mentioned that they would share and utilize the accommodated new knowledge among their colleagues to develop and expand the next generation mobile communications technologies in their home countries.


YRP will continue to work on these kinds of programs to contribute to the cooperation and collaboration between Japan and Asia-Pacific countries.


*Asia Pacific Telecommunity:


In the Exhibition Room of YRP  Lecture at YRP
Group photo at Closing Ceremony








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